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SmartPresentation / demo

Powered by Device WebAPI Consortium

You can view any slide deck that has been uploaded to the M100, using SlideShare.

How to set up:

1, Install the apps shown below into the M100 from the Vuzix App Store..
(Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi)
DeviceWebAPI Manager
host Device Web API Plug in

2. Run the ‘Device Connect Manager’ app

3, Check "Allow External IP" and uncheck "LocalOAuth".

You need to toggle the manager OFF if you can’t check the box.
After you finish, you need to toggle the manager ON.

4, Take note of the M100’s IP address (e.g. in the Host field of the Manager.

5, Connect the M100 and Smartphone on same Wi-FI network. (same SSID / IP address range)

6, Visit the demo website on your smartphone.


7, Tap Setting

8, Type your M100’s IP address in HostName (located in DeviceConnect’s Settings), then tap ‘check manager’

9, The status changes from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Running.’.

10, tap "+" below playersetting.

11, tap "HOST"

12, When you see the Host button next to ‘player,’ you can tap ‘back.’

13, tap "Start"

14, The slide deck will begin playing on the M100.
You can control the slides using the Previous or Next buttons, or your smartphone.

*You can also use a PC browser instead of a smartphone browser.
We recommend Firefox.

You can show any slide deck on SlideShare
Enter Username and slideName in the fields below.